EVSEMaster Privacy Policy
The EVSEMaster Privacy Policy was updated on July 23,2019.                   Dear customer::                       Your privacy is important to us so we’ve developed this Privacy Policy that covers how we collect and use your personal information.                       Please take a moment to carefully read and fully understand the content of this policy before using our Application (hereinafter called the ‘EVSEMaster’). Important information on terms such as disclaimers will be reflected in bold form. The definition of the important terms in this policy is consistent with our company's ‘EVSEMaster Service Agreement’.                         This policy can be updated by the company online at any time. The updated policy will replace the original policy once it is announced. If you do not accept the updated policy, please stop using EVSEMaster immediately. Your continued use of EVSEMaster will be deemed acceptance of the updated policy. Once the updated policy is published on the EVSEMaster, it will take effect immediately.                   You acknowledge that this policy and other relevant regulations apply to EVSEMaster and other App owned by our company on EVSEMasters.                       1.What information we collect                       Please be aware that we collect the following information from you to meets your needs for EVSEMaster services and we take the security of your personal information very seriously. When we collect your information, we will strictly follow the principle of “legal, justified and essential”. Please understand if you do not provide the relevant information required for our services, your services experience of using EVSEMaster may be affected.                   (1).Collect transaction records. The records are kept locally and will not be send to our servers.                   (2).In addition to the above, you understand that when you use certain services of EVSEMaster, we will give you special notifications before requiring to collect more personal information from you. If you choose not to agree, you are deemed to have waived the use of certain services of EVSEMaster.                   (3).When you jump to or use a third-party app or smart contract, they will require personal information from you. EVSEMaster will not save your personal information collected by third-party App of smart contract.               (4).We will not get your personal information unless you provide us with the information you obtained during the use of EVSEMaster, including your mobile device information, EVSEMaster operating records and etc.                                                   2. How we use your information                       (1).We will use your mobile device’s unique serial number to confirm your correspondence with your identity(we can only establish this correspondence after you have notified us.)                   (2).We will promptly send you important notices such as software updates, service agreements and changes of this policy.                     (3).We process the feedback you submit to us by collecting your open identity, address and mobile device information.                 (4).By laws and regulations or request from supervision departments, we may use your information.                   3. How you control your information                       You have the following right to control your information in EVSEMaster:                       (1). By actively registering, you can save your identity information in EVSEMaster.                                             (2). ou acknowledge that when we collect information from you for a specific purpose, we will give you notice in advance and you have the right to refuse. But at the same time,when you choose to refuse to provide relevant information, you are waiving the use of EVSEMaster related services.               (3). You understand that when you use EVSEMaster's features to jump to a third-party app or smart contract, our EVSEMaster Service Agreement and EVSEMaster Privacy Policy will no longer be valid. Regarding the personal information control issues on third-party app, we recommend that you read and understand its privacy rules and related user service agreements before using third-party apps or smart contracts.               (4). You have the right to ask us to update, change, or delete your information.                     (5). We will not store any of your information or send them to third parties.                   4. We may share and transfer your information                    Without your permission, we will not share or trnafer your personal information to any third party,except following conditions:                       (1) Obtain your explicit consent or authorization in advance;                       (2) The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by yourself;                       (3) The personal information collected is collected from legally and publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information and etc;                       (4) Sharing with our affiliates. we will only share the necessary user information and only for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.;                     (5) The information is required by administrative agencies or judicial authorities in accordance with related laws, regulations or legal procedures.                   (6) In the case of mergers and acquisitions, if it involves the transfer of personal information. We will require the recipient of personal information to continue to be restrained by this policy.                     5. How we protect your information                         (1). If the EVSEMaster service stops, we will stop collecting your personal information in a timely manner and announce the end of service on the EVSEMaster. Your personal information held by us will be deleted or anonymized within a reasonable period of time.                   (2). In order to protect your personal information, we will adopt data security technology measures to improve internal protection. We will also enhance our employee’s information security training and set secure access to relevant data to protect your privacy.                       6. Protection of minors                         We make the following special agreement for the protection of minors under the age of 18:                       (1). Minors should use the company's related services under the guidance of their parents or guardians.                 (2). Parents and guardians of minors are advised to direct minors to use EVSEMasters by reading this policy, the EVSEMaster Service Agreement and our other relevant rules.   。                   (3). EVSEMaster will protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.                                         7. Disclamier                       (1). Please note that if you access a third-party App or use a third-party smart contract through EVSEMaster, the privacy policy issued by the third-party app or third-party smart contract will apply. The collection and use of your personal information by this third-party App or third-party smart contract is not under the control of us and is not subject to this policy.  The company cannot guarantee that third-party apps or third-party smart contracts will protect your personal information according to the requirement of our company.                   (2). You should carefully select and use third-party apps or third-party smart contracts and properly protect your personal information. The company is not responsible for the privacy protection of other third-party apps or third-party smart contracts.                   (3). We will try our best to take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information under current level of technology. We adopt wireless transfer of data, so we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of data transmission over the wireless network.                   8. Others                       (1). You should to fully understand and comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in your jurisdiction and use of our services.                   (2). The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement and its revised editions shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is no relevant legal provisions, international business practices and/or industry practices shall apply. If there is any dispute or dispute between you and the company, it should first be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may submit it to the court of Chinese jurisdiction.                   (3). If you encounter any problems related to the use of personal information during your use of EVSEMasters, you can contact us by submitting feedback at EVSEMaster.                   (4). You can view this policy and other company service rules in EVSEMaster. We encourage you to review our service agreement and privacy policy each time you use EVSEMaster.                     (5). Any translation of this policy is provided for convenience only and is not intended modify this policy. In the event of a conflict between the English and non-English versions of this policy, the English version shall prevail.                     (6). This policy is valid from July 23, 2019.                   For matters not covered in this policy, please subject to the announcements and related rules that the company updates from time to time.                    
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